Other Programs & Services

HRSM (Home Repair & Safety Modification)

If you have had a life event that has effected your mobility, our free home modification program may be the solution. Our center will come to your home and install grab bars in various locations.

Also, we will inspect your home for safety issues and make recommendations such as outlets, smoke and CO2 detectors and trip and fall hazards. Minor repairs may also be offered depending on the issue.

Give the center a call for more information or to see if you qualify for our program.

Visible Address Sign

This program provides Amador County residents with a reflective visible address sign to aid first responders in identifying your home. Cost = $20 for seniors 55 and up and $25 for residents under 55 and installation is available. Call the center or click below for the application form.

Vial of Life

When you participate in the program, you receive a medical form to fill out and place in the magnetic box provided. This simple box will provide valuable information to emergency medical personnel in the event that you are unable to communicate and no family member or caregiver is present. All Amador ambulance personnel are trained to look for this box. Cost is only $3. Pick up your “vial of life” box at the senior center.

Attorney Program

Our attorney program is provided by local attorney volunteers who provide legal advice and the preparation and execution of simple legal documents such as health care directives. If you have a legal issue and you are a senior, give our center a call for more information or to make an appointment. Appointments are limited to one per client per year.

Financial Advisor Program

The financial advisor program is generously provide by volunteers from a local financial advisory firm. This program offers seniors the opportunity to receive complementary help with their finances or to get help with important financial decisions. If you have a financial decision you would like help with or a question you need an answer on, give us a call for more information or to make an appointment. Appointments are limited to one per client per year.

Facility Rental

Our beautiful facility is available for use by local groups and organizations. Reservations and a usage contract are required for use of the senior center. During the business hours of 8:30AM – 4:00PM priority is given to senior activity groups, senior organizations or those who serve senior needs. After hours use is available to community groups, support groups, organizations, personal gatherings, political groups, recovery groups and fundraising groups.

We offer smaller, more intimate rooms for groups use along with larger rooms for events and celebrations. Our office requires a prior reservation, a signed use agreement and a requested donation for use of our meeting spaces.

Our center also offers use of our fully certified commercial kitchen.

We offer complimentary WiFi throughout our facility, a P.A. system with speakers, a podium in our auditorium, projection screens in the auditorium and room #3, a color projector for use with laptops/DVD player, and an informal gathering space.

Please contact the center to schedule an appointment for viewing or usage agreements.

Please view our Facility Rental Price Sheet for regular rates, and our Nonprofit Facility Price Sheet for our rates for classes, community groups, or nonprofit organizations.

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