Saturday, September 23rd 6:00PM: Community Appreciation Dinner and Comedy Night

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Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” As one of my favorite quotes, Ford captures the essence of achieving anything significant and noteworthy: it requires a team of people working toward a common goal. No one alone can produce a symphony of music, it takes an orchestra of people playing in unison to produce such a delight to our ears.

Amador Senior Center has achieved incredible successes in the past year. One of our greatest achievements has been the growth of our Meals on Wheels service to Amador County. The benefits to clients through the program are four-fold:

1. Clients receive vitally nutritious, freshly prepared meals.

2. Clients are provided social connection and interaction with our friendly drivers.

3. Clients receive a welfare check each day they order.

4. Clients are empowered to live independently in their homes.

In the last fiscal year, client growth more than doubled from the year prior. Our ability to serve such a burgeoning program comes from the generous support of our community and has been achievable through the financial, volunteer hours, word of mouth and overall assistance from our great community! The investments from our incredible community positioned the Meals on Wheels program to deliver 38,679 total meals to homebound clients.

This unbelievable achievement was made because we worked together as a community. Amador Senior Center is hosting a free Community Appreciation Dinner and Comedy Night to express our gratitude for Amador’s generous support of our programs. The menu will include delicious BBQ catered by Laughton Ranch and will feature the clean comedy of Robert G. Lee – “Hollywood’s Top Warm-up Comedian.” The dinner will take place on September 23 from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Italian Picnic Grounds. Seating is limited, so to get on the list, please give our center a call and RSVP. This event is funded through an intergenerational grant through Area 12 and no donor or grant funds will be used.

Written by Chris Kalton

Executive Director

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